Storing bottles in a wine cellar is vital to preserve the qualities of the wine. La Sommelière's speciality is devising and designing a rich mix of wine cellars in response to consumer needs and wants: small, compact wine cabinets or, to the other extreme, large cellars for storing hundreds of bottles; service cellars or alternatively wine ageing cellars offering levels of performance practically on a par with natural cellars; wine cellars for storing bottles in your living space, a garage or installed in a fitted kitchen, whatever your budget… All our cellars are the epitome of quality. Meaning you can choose with confidence.

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La Sommelière offers a wide range of wine cellars, all designed to meet a specific need thanks to technological features that provide:

  • Wine conditioning: perfect to have bottles of wine close at hand to enjoy at the ideal temperature to preserve all of the wine's qualities.
  • Wine ageing: specially designed for resting bottles and laying down fine vintages while waiting for them to reach their full potential, i.e. the year that you are advised to drink them to enjoy them at their very best.
  • Conditioning and ageing in a single wine cellar: some of our models offer both conditioning and ageing features. Indeed, with our glass-door VIP models, for example, you can set the temperature and it will be distributed automatically between the top and bottom sections of the cellar. These so-called "static cooling" cellars produce cold air, and as cold air is heavier than warm air, natural stratification occurs. Obviously, the temperature is constant, which is a golden rule to ensure that the wine reaches its full potential.

Our cellars are divided into a number of ranges:

  • The Prestige range, first of all, which features wine cellars manufactured in Europe, with a contemporary style and top-of-the-range finishes. Their cutting-edge design offers the user more features, accurate metrics and energy efficiency. Note that cellars can be tailored to your preferences using the wide range of French-manufactured VIP accessories (wooden drawers and racks, display shelves, etc.)
  • Next, the Tradition range, cellars specially designed for wine ageing and for laying down fine vintages. The golden rules in this range are precise, constant and uniform temperatures, perfectly controlled humidity, an aeration system to purify the air inside the cellar continuously, protection from light and UV rays and absolutely no vibrations which might otherwise disturb your wine at rest.
  • The Service range which guarantees storing your bottles at the perfect temperature according to the type of wine. Indeed, red, white or rosé wines are not served at the same temperature: so it is essential to choose the right cellar based on the type of wine that you are looking to store. A number of La Sommelière service cellar models have multi-zone functionality and therefore offer the option of setting multiple compartments to different temperatures: ideal for keeping two types of wine to hand, in the same wine cellar.
  • The Commercial range includes wine cellars that are stylish, secure, sturdy and reliable, allowing you to showcase bottles in restaurants, wine bars and retail outlets. A new range was launched in 2018 to store bottles width wise, with labels facing the customer: a great time-saver for restaurant waiting staff, for example, with easy identification of the vineyards, grape varieties and vintages.