The active charcoal filter is an essential accessory for the proper functioning of your wine cellar: it filters and renews the air inside your cellar. The active charcoal protects your bottles (more specifically, the bottle corks) from unpleasant odours and bacteria. Thanks to the charcoal filter, your wine cellar is kept clean and purified and prevents damage to your wine.

Please note: we recommend that you replace the filter once a year to ensure that the filtering system remains effective.

Active filters

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Each Tradition wine cellar (@) is equipped with a charcoal filter, as is the case with a number of models in the Prestige range. (@)

You are probably wondering which charcoal filter to choose from all those on sale in our store?

You are right, you will need to ensure that the filter is compatible with your cellar model. If you click on the product information for any of our filters, we have drawn up a list of compatible wine cellar (@) models in the description. Helping you to find the information you are looking for as you continue to browse.