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Modular and ergonomic design, bespoke layout and convenienceare the key features of our range of wine cellar accessories. For example, our shelves are made from untreated, and therefore odourless, solid wood. A great solution for radically improving your cellar's storage conditions. Your wines are not just stored, they are arranged in a stable layout for optimal resting.

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Customise the layout of your wine cellar

La Sommelière wine cellars offer an array of customisation options thanks to the range of accessories: optimise storage by adding extra shelves, ensure easier bottle access by opting for sliding shelves, enhance the style of your wine cellar by installing display shelves for bottles in an inclined position—let your imagination run wild!

  • Enhance
    the style
  • Modular features
    Modular features
    to meet your needs
  • shelving layout
  • customization
    to customise
  • Filtered and fresh air
    Filtered and
    fresh air

Adapt the wine cellar to your needs for added convenience

wine cellars accessories la sommeliere : shelves

Shelving to match your needs

The Prestige, Tradition and Commercial wine cellar ranges come with a wide selection of accessories available for purchase on this website. According to your tastes and needs, in this section find different types of shelving, each compatible with a specific wine cellar model. Make sure that the shelf is compatible with your cellar and choose from:

  • Multi-format shelf for all bottle types,,
  • Wooden or steel wire shelf, with or without wooden front,
  • Fixed or sliding shelf,
  • Extra shelf and display shelf,
  • Tray for vertical storage
  • Bottom cellar drawers to protect bottles from light
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wine cellars accessories: active charcoal filter

An active charcoal filter for clean air

A charcoal filter is essential for our ageing wine cellars to function properly. Fitted in the rear wall of the wine cellar, it filters and renews the air inside the cellar and prevents damage to bottle corks and wine in contact with bacteria present in contaminated air.

  • Active charcoal filtration system
  • Air renewal and purification
  • Unpleasant odour removal
  • Expert tip: replace your charcoal filter once a year.
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Discover the complete accessories range

  • Charcoal filter FCA04 La Sommeliere
    Charcoal filter Tradition
  • shelf CLATRAD13 La Sommeliere
    Metal shelf CLATRAD13
  • La Sommeliere sliding rails
    Sliding rails
  • Wooden shelf  CLATRAD08 La Sommeliere
    Wooden shelf CLATRAD08
  • Wooden shelf  CLAVIP04 La Sommeliere
    VIP wooden shelves
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