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Cellars with a simple promise, technology at its best to accompany your wines to theirs.

Apogée ageing cellars. Cellars connected with remote control.

Innovative & connected wine cellar

New from La Sommelière, the Apogée range has been added to the range of connected wine cellars. Temperature, lighting, alarms, the parameters of your wine cellar can be adjusted remotely to keep an eye on your best vintages thanks to its compatibility with the Vinotag® application. Connected to Wi-Fi, Apogée wine cellars allow you to store and monitor your wines anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet, and with precision.

Discover which of the 9 references in the range is right for you!

Ageing cellar commitments

The Apogée range offers ageing cellars that reproduce the exact conservation conditions of a natural cellar: stable temperature, filtration and aeration system, controlled hygrometry, protection against light, anti-vibration system, etc. Also available in double zone, these cellars finally allow wine lovers to have two temperature zones in a real ageing cellar.

They are available in nine references: single zone 147, 189 and 254 bottles (available in solid and glass doors) and double zone 143, 181 and 247 bottles (glass door only).

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The characteristics of the APOGÉE range

Spotlight on the best wines

Protected and displayed in a veritable showcase, the great wines are elegantly illuminated thanks to an integrated lighting system under the shelves. Entirely designed to enhance the wines without disturbing their ageing, this innovative system diffuses a soft light throughout the cellar, creating a real wine showcase. The multi-format shelves can accommodate several types of bottles (Burgundy, Champagne, Alsatian) and store them in a "head to tail" or horizontal position, to create an exceptional showcase.

Rounded design

Modern and vintage at the same time, the Apogée ageing cellars break the codes by concentrating the best characteristics of both trends. Their rounded shape is a reference to a retro era, a real trend in decoration today, and blends in perfectly with the codes of more modern interiors. The door, whether glazed with anti-UV treatment or solid, is equipped with a lock. It protects the bottles from UV rays and accompanies them safely to their peak.

Reduced energy consumption

Apogée wine cabinets guarantee minimal energy consumption. Classified as E (solid door cellars) and F (glass door cellars), Apogée cellars have been designed to limit their impact on the environment and energy consumption.

The main functions of your Vinotag ® application

A dedicated application to manage your cellar on a daily basis

Vinotag®, the first connected wine cellar management application. Thanks to a permanent link between Vinotag® and your cellar, you can consult the contents of your cellar, add and remove bottles easily, alone or with the ESommelier® assisted placement, locate your bottles and share your passion. Control the parameters of your cellar remotely thanks to its Wifi connection.

Take control of your wine cellar

Monitor your cellar remotely and its temperature

Imagine being able to access a digital representation of your wine cellar from your smartphone, whether in the form of a graph or a wine list.

If you are away and want to check that your wines are aging in good conditions, you can do so with the Vinotag® app. You can monitor the temperature inside your cellar and adjust it remotely in real time, with an accuracy of one degree. Simply open the app from your smartphone or tablet to have full control over your wine cellar, even when you are not at home.

Control the lighting of your cellar remotely for a personalised adaptation to your desires

Your great wines are presented in an elegant case and benefit from a soft and subtle lighting thanks to an innovative system integrated under the shelves of the Apogée ageing cellars. Designed to highlight your wines without disturbing them, this system delicately illuminates the entire cellar and creates a real wine showcase.

You can create the desired atmosphere in your wine cellar by using the Vinotag® app to control the 3 available lighting modes: 

1. Door Mode: The cellar lighting is automatically switched on and off when the door is opened and closed, making it an environmentally friendly choice to optimise energy consumption.
2. Automatic Mode: The cellar light is automatically switched on when the door is opened and automatically switched off after 15 minutes.
3. Permanent: The cellar lighting can only be turned on or off using the switch in the Vinotag® app, which is perfect for turning your wine cellar into a wine showcase at a dinner party or party.

Save time in creating your your wine register

Adding bottles to your cellar is now much faster thanks to the partnership between Vinotag® and Vivino®. Simply take a picture of the bottle label to access a pre-populated wine card, without having to write the information yourself. Vinotag® uses the relevant data from Vivino® to create the wine card, which can be customised to your preferences.

If you don't know where to place your bottles, don't worry, Vinotag® is there to help you with its ESommelier® feature. This assisted placement technology recommends the ideal and available location to age your bottle, based on its type and shelf life.

Vinotag® determines the optimal location based on the availability of space in your cellar, as well as the aging time and type of wine of the bottle to be placed. A dot on the digital view of your cellar indicates the recommended location, so all you have to do is place your bottle there.

View stock

Having trouble finding your way around your wine cellar during wine fairs or when you have guests over? Don't panic, the Vinotag® app is there to help you.

You can check your stock from the app and find out how many bottles you have and exactly where they are in your cellar.

If you want to view them, just use the "show in my cellar" button which shows you the location of the bottle(s) you are looking for.

In addition, to never run out of your favourite wines, Vinotag® allows you to set stock alerts. The application sends you an alert when the stock reaches the minimum level you have set.

Taste your wines at their peak

If you are passionate about ageing your bottles, you may sometimes forget some of them in your cellar, or consume them too quickly. To avoid these problems, you can personalise your wine files by adding a minimum and maximum ageing period, which will allow you to be alerted when your wines reach their peak. This way, you can enjoy your wines at the optimal time.

Vinotag® alerts you when your wine reaches its peak of ripeness. If you haven't had a chance to taste it yet, Vinotag® sends you a reminder to prevent the aromas from dissipating, with an end-of-optimal-drinking-period alert.