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Our attractive service cellars blend in stylishly with your interior. Their technology helps condition bottles for a perfect tasting experience. The range is extensive and suitable for all types of home: houses, apartments, or even studio apartments: some of our models have noise levels of only 39 decibels, one of the lowest on the wine cellar market.

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The golden rules of SERVICE wine cellars

La Sommelière's service cellars ensure that the temperature is kept constant and stable in the cellar, thereby allowing you to enjoy bottles of wine at their ideal serving temperature. Perfect for keeping bottles close to hand, the service cellar is stylish and perfect for your interior.

  • Temperature
    Optimal temperature
  • Hygrometry
  • no Vibration
  • light
    from light
  • service wine cellar one or several zones
    Mono ou
    multi zones

Our commitments

  • 5 years
    spare parts
  • after sales
    throughout France
  • Extended warranty
    Extended warranty

Service cellars for serving wine at their ideal temperature

SERVICE wine cellar la sommeliere

A refined design to blend into living spaces

A range of finishes to showcase your bottles: LED lighting, glass door, stainless steel or aluminium integrated handle, touch-sensitive control panel, sensitive backlit controls to install your cellar in a living space that fits seamlessly with your interior. The service cellar blends into your interior and enhances the wine bottles stored within.

  • Capacity
    23 to 126 bouteilles
  • Space-saving
  • energetic class
    1 or 2 zones
  • Single / Multi-temperature
  • Touch-sensitive controls
    Touch-sensitive controls
service wine cellar with preservation of wine included ls38a

La Sommelière innovation: Focus on the integrated vacuum pump in the LS38A cellar

The LS38A cellar with its integrated vacuum pump is one of the results of La Sommelière innovation. The integrated vacuum pump meets a genuine need. It preserves your open wine bottles for several days and prevents changes to the wine. Easy to use, it extracts oxygen from the bottle, delays the wine oxidation process and preserves the aromas of the grape variety along with its organoleptic and olfactory qualities. More details on the LS38A.

  • Class A
    Energy class A
  • Alarms
  • Anti vibration
  • loading capacity bottles
    38 bottles
  • Anti-UV glass
    Anti-UV glass
cave chambrage la sommeliere ls16 ls28

Hybrid-technology serving temperature cellar

Two serving temperature cellars equipped with hybrid technology, an innovative system providing efficient temperature regulation and the advantage of very low noise levels (a mere 30 decibels).

  • Hybrid-technology serving temperature cellar ls28 et ls16 la sommeliere
    Technologie hybride
  • service wine cellar la sommeliere low noise
    Low noise wine cellars
  • Visual alarm
    Visual alarm
  • anti vibration system
    Anti-vibration system
  • capacity from 16 to 28 bottles
    From 16 to 28 bottles

Video of the LS38A service cellar

Because it is always easier to understand how a wine cellar works by seeing it in action, we have produced a video giving a visual presentation of the benefits and technical features of the LS38A, the latest addition to the La Sommelière SERVICE range.

SERVICE wine cellars in detail

La Sommelière's service cellars are high-performance. Discover the full range and compare the many benefits and strengths of our double-zone cellars, for example, which allow you to control the temperature of each zone independently.

Control panel service wine cellars la sommeliere

Control panel

cave de service design noir

Black – stainless steel design

Wooden shelves

Wooden shelves

*Photos may differ from actual products. The specifications provided on this page are dependent on the wine cellar model selected. Make sure that the model you are interested in has all the technical and design features you need.

Discover the complete SERVICE range

  • wine cellar LS24A 23 bottles classe A
    23 bottles classe A
  • wine cellar LS38A 38 bottles + préservin
    38 bottles + préservin
  • wine cellar LS50.2Z 50 bottles 2 zones
    50 bottles 2 zones
  • wine cellar ECS80.2Z 75 bottles 2 zone
    75 bottles ECS80.2Z
  • cwine cellar CVD131V 120 bottles 1 zone
    120 bottles 1 zone
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