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Besides its expertise in the wine cellar market, La Sommelière is more broadly specialised in wine preservation. We also have expertise in the preservation of consumer products other than wine and, as such, have developed a cheese cellar and, last but not least, a cigar cellar.

Our "indulgence" cellars offer an optimised tasting experience, giving aromas the chance to reach their full potential

Cheese cellar la sommeliere

Cheese cellar

Here La Sommelière has created a machine fit for professionals to age, preserve and serve cheeses. This double-zone cellar can be used to store two types of cheese at different temperatures, thereby providing different ageing conditions for soft-rinded cheeses and hard cheeses. The cheese cellar keeps humidity constant between 50% and 80% and has all the essential features to ensure top-quality cheese service!

The three removable oak trays mean you can effortlessly serve an impressive selection of cheeses! No need to remove them individually from the cellar, the shelf doubles up as a tray equipped with two sturdy, easy-grip handles, allowing table service without removing the cheeses one by one. Simply take hold of the tray and remove it.

  • Double zone
    Double zone
  • winter system
    Winter system
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Cigar cellar la sommeliere

Cigar cellar

Cigars also need to be stored in specific conditions to retain the characteristic aromas they are known for. Cigars must be stored at a humidity level of between 50% and 75% and a temperature of between 16% and 20°C so they do not dry out. They are sensitive to fluctuations, so need to be stored in a stable and perfectly controlled environment. With this in mind, we have devised and designed the CIG251 cigar cellar!

  • Efficient energy class
    Efficient energy class
  • Lock
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