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La Sommelière, a French company specialised in wine cellars

Wine cellars are becoming a popular feature in many households for a number of reasons. Firstly, they serve a purpose: an appliance for wine connoisseurs to age, bring to temperature and store their bottles close to hand, in their house or apartment.

Now an interior decoration centrepiece apart, the wine cellar adapts to the needs of the finest connoisseurs.
Finally, the wine cellar symbolises special times spent with friends and family around a fine wine. La Sommelière promises unforgettable moments of tasting pleasure!

Buying bottles of wine can soon add up. It's an investment. Our cellars have been specially designed to guarantee optimal storage conditions for your bottles with features such as humidity control, temperature stability, anti-vibration system, air filtration and UV protection.

To choose the right wine cellar for you, here are a few questions to ask beforehand:

  • Why am I buying a wine cellar? Is it simply to have a few bottles to hand—at the ideal serving temperature—or to store a number of bottles of red, white or rosé wine for several months? Or is it for keeping fine wines in a place where they can be laid down for a number of years?
  • How many bottles do I need to store?
  • In which room of the house will the wine cellar be installed? In a reception room or in an unheated room such as a garage or storeroom?

If you bear all these selection criteria in mind, it will be much easier to choose the perfect wine cellar for you.

Deciding on a heated or unheated room, for example, is more important than it seems as, if you wanted to install your cellar in a garage where the temperature can drop to 0°C in winter, then you need to plan ahead and consider the technical features of your cellar. Make sure that the wine cellar is equipped with the Winter system, which helps maintain a constant temperature inside the cellar, even if the ambient room temperature drops significantly.

To help you in your search, we recommend that you use our fun tool: Choosing the right wine cellar.

Obviously, for your optimum convenience, our site features a wide range of accessories specially designed for your particular wine cellar model. Fixed or sliding shelves, display shelves for storing bottles stylishly in a semi-reclined position or a tray for ensuring air circulation in the cellar and accommodating bottles stored upright, which is essential when they have been opened.

Don't forget that your ageing wine cellar requires upkeep and its charcoal filter replaced once a year.

La Sommelière also offers cold chain expertise, putting technology to work for cellars to ensure optimal wine preservation. Also, you might happen upon our "Other cellars" section while browsing - a refrigerated cheese cellar, a cigar cellar and even a chocolate cellar that is proving popular with chocolate aficionados.