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Age your wine in conditions close to those found in traditional and underground cellars. La Sommelière's TRADITION range showcases a large number of technological features essential for storing and ageing your finest vintages: anti-vibration system, protection from light, electronic thermostat for setting the temperature to the nearest degree, active charcoal filtration for odours, etc. The wide selection available (holding from 61 to 300 bottles) means you can find the perfect model, i.e. the wine cellar most compatible with your needs.

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The golden rules of ageing wine cellars

La Sommelière's wine cellars recreate the ideal storage conditions of a natural cellar to protect your wines and bring them to the ideal serving temperature.

  • Temperature
    Optimal temperature
  • Humidity level
  • Vibration
  • Lumière
    from light
  • Air
    odour-free air

Our commitments

  • 5 years
    spare parts
  • after sales
    throughout France
  • Extended warranty
    Extended warranty

TRADITION wine cellar for ageing your wines

TRADITION wine cellar for ageing your wines

For ageing your wines

Investing in a wine cellar requires you to know your wines, your storage and preservation needs, and also your budget to arrive at an accurate picture of the model best for you.

Our ageing cellars include a whole host of features, all designed with the preservation of your finest wines and grape varieties in mind: solid or anti-UV glass door, small, medium or large capacity, temperature that can be adjusted as desired between 5°C and 20°C, installation in heated or unheated rooms, and untreated odourless solid wood shelving.

  • Capacity
    77 to 248 bottles
  • winter system
    Winter system
  • Energy class
    Energy class
  • Adjustable temperature
    Adjustable temperature
  • Charcoal filter
    Charcoal filter
ageing wine cellar energy class A

Eco-friendly models

Conscious of the environmental footprint of our products, La Sommelière endeavours to offer some of the most energy-efficient cellars on the market, even for large storage capacities.

Our single-temperature cellars ensure optimal ageing of your finest bottles. They meet all medium- and long-term storage criteria for your wines. This range features A and A+ rated cellars.

  • energy class
cave à vin tradition grande sécurité

An enhanced-security wine cellar

La Sommelière's Tradition wine cellars are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for maximum security. Your wines are treasured, so La Sommelière has developed the Winter system guaranteeing a constant temperature inside the cellar for an ambient temperature of 5°C to 38°C, along with a visual and audible alarm, compressor security, child lock and filter alarm. Not forgetting the lock featured on many wine cellar models.

  • Alarms
  • Winter System
    Winter System
  • Lock
  • Charcoal filter level indicator
    Charcoal filter level indicator
  • Child lock
    Child lock
wine cellar accessories tradition

Accessories to organise your cellar

For optimised storage in your wine cellar or a bespoke internal layout, a large number of accessories are available. All designed for added convenience—organise, sort and supplement your cellar according to your needs.
There are over 150 different wine bottle formats, and our multi-format shelves have been specially designed to accommodate all bottle formats and offer them all the stability they need for first class wine preservation.

  • Multi-format shelving
    Multi-format shelving

TRADITION wine cellars in detail

La Sommelière's Tradition wine cellars have been very well received by consumers as they meet all the needs of the most exacting wine connoisseurs. You are sure to be won over by their ease of use and high performance.

Control panel Tradition La Sommelière

Control panel

Lock Tradition La Sommelière


Active charcoal filter Tradition La Sommelière

Active charcoal filter

*Photos may differ from actual products. The specifications provided on this page are dependent on the wine cellar model selected. Make sure that the model you are interested in has all the technical and design features you need.

Discover the complete TRADITION range

  • wine cellar CTV177B Ageing 165 bottles
    Ageing 165 bottles
  • wine cellar CTP252A Ageing 248 bottles
    Ageing 248 bottles
  • wine cellar CTV248 248 bottles glass door
    248 bottles CTV248
  • wine cellar CTPNE186A+ Ageing 194 bottles A+
    Ageing 194 bottles A+
  • wine cellar CTVNE230A Ageing 236 bottles
    Ageing 236 bottles
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