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CTV177B wine cellar 165 bottles

The ideal ageing cellar for ageing up to 165 bottles protected from all external sources of damage (light, odours, temperature fluctuation, etc.). This all-in-black wine cellar is stylish, with an immaculate finish and an integrated door handle. Supplied with 5 shelves.

What warranty?

The CTV177B wine cellar can be used for ageing up to 165 bottles of wine*. This high-performance cellar features a mixed cooling system and regulated humidity to guarantee a uniform temperature plus an anti-vibration system to ensure that your finest bottles can rest undisturbed behind the anti-UV glass door.

What are the key features of the CTV177B?

The CTV177B is attractive and stylish thanks to its black colour, understated and refined in equal measure, and also thanks to its integrated door handle: the stainless steel handle is completely invisible on the front of the cellar.

The CTV177B ageing wine cellar includes many features, such as:

  • An elegant glass door for a highly stylish visual effect;
  • LED lighting to showcase your bottles;
  • 5 wood-fronted metal wire shelves for storage in optimal conditions of your wine bottles;
  • 1 active charcoal filter to neutralise odours and purify the air;
  • Excellent cold air distribution (mixed cooling);
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Humidity regulated between 50% and 80%;
  • Winter system: to maintain the set temperature inside the cellar even if the ambient room temperature drops.

Other ageing cellars from the Tradition range

The CTV177B wine cellar is also available with a solid door and stainless steel handle. This version is identified under the CTP177A model and has a higher energy class: A (as opposed to class B in this case with the CTV177B glass door model) and a lock to place your wine collection under lock and key. The same ageing wine cellar is available with equivalent features but a greater storage capacity: 248 bottles.

For this, take a look at the models:

  • CTV252: glass door and integrated door handle, cellar energy class C;
  • CTP252A: solid door and stainless steel handle, lock, cellar energy class A.

Or why not our superior range equipped with cutting-edge technology and many extra features, especially in the area of wine cellar security (compressor security following a power outage, prolonged temperature fluctuation alarm, and more)? And because our CTPNE142A+, CTPNE186A+ and CTPNE230A+ cellars are all rated energy class A+, you will also be making an eco-friendly purchase.

Which wine cellar accessories are compatible with the CTV177B?

The wine cellar accessories compatible with the CTV177B ageing cellar are:

  • Active charcoal filter: ref. FCA07;
  • Wooden shelf: ref. CLATRAD12;
  • Wood-fronted wire shelf: ref. CLATRAD13.

* Maximum capacity for light Bordeaux bottles laid head to tail calculated with 4 shelves

Bottle capacity
Cellar use
Installation type
Free standing
Room recommended for installation
Heated room (e.g. living room, dining room, kitchen)
Type of door
Glass door

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