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CLAVIP06 Wooden sliding shelf

The CLAVIP06 solid oak wood sliding shelf for La Sommelière wine cellars is a convenient addition to your wine cellar and provides easier access to the bottles stored inside. Prestige range. Check that this shelf is compatible with your wine cellar model.

Matière des clayettes :
Matière des clayettes : :
Wood (oak)
Compatibilité :

The CLAVIP06 shelf is sliding! Made of solid oak, it is extremely sturdy for perfect storage of bottles in your La Sommelière wine cellar.

A sliding wine cellar shelf makes a practical option. Your bottles will be so much easier to get to and gone is the need to stoop down and twist your body in all directions to reach the fine wines at the back of the refrigerated cabinet.

How do I install the CLAVIP06 display shelf?

Nothing could be simpler! The CLAVIP06 is supplied in two separate parts:

  • the shelf and sliding rails, pre-fastened together on delivery: no drilling required!
  • the metal supports to be installed inside the cellar: these consist of runners to take the castors attached to the shelf (similar to a drawer in interior furniture).

Once again, no DIY required! The runners simply rest on the extensions found inside your cellar and fit snugly inside. Insert the sliding shelf, check it is stable on the runners and you're ready to go!

The CLAVIP06 sliding drawer is compatible with which wine cellars?

The CLAVIP06 sliding shelf, an essential Prestige range wine cellar accessory, is compatible with the following La Sommelière cellars: VIP195N / VIP190/ VIP 180 / VIP 150 / VIP 160/CONTEMPRO190 / CONTEMPRO180 / CONTEMPRO160 / CONTEMPRO150.

Matière des clayettes :
Wood (oak)
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
52,5 x 44 x 3

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