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CLAPRE04 Wooden display shelf

The CLAPRE01 beech wood compact display shelf for La Sommelière Prestige wine cellars supports bottles in an inclined position. Tradition range. Check that this shelf is compatible with your wine cellar model.

Matière des clayettes :
Matière des clayettes : :
Wood (beech)
Compatibilité :

This solid beech shelf is described as a "display" shelf as it is shallow enough to support some of your bottles in an inclined position.

How does the CLAPRE04 display wine?

Picture yourself in front of your wine cellar. You are facing a "standard" shelf, one that occupies the full depth of your cellar. The CLAPRE04 is positioned on the level directly above it. Because it is much shallower (33cm), you can sit your bottles on the lower shelf and place the necks against the edge of the CLAPRE04.

By "standard" shelf, we are referring to the CLATRAD8 beech shelf, CLATRAD09 wire shelf or CLATRAD10 sliding version from the TRADITION range.

Practical and stylish shallow shelf

Besides its impressive function as a bottle display shelf, the CLAPRE04 also makes it possible to store reclined bottles both under and on it. A great way to maximise the storage capacity. It has been specially designed to maximise storage for all bottle formats meaning you can perfectly keep and display your white, rosé and red wines and even champagnes.

The CLAPRE04 shelf is compatible with which wine cellar?

The CLAPRE04 shelf is compatible with the following La Sommelière wine cellars: CTVNE142A / CTPNE142A+ / CTVNE186A / CTPNE186A+ / CTVNE230A / CTPNE230A+ / TRVNE142A / TRPNE142A+ / TRVNE186A / TRPNE186A+ / TRVNE230A / TRPNE230A+ / CTVE142A / CTPE142A+ / CTVE186A / CTPE186A+ / CTVE230A / CTPE230A+ / TRVE142A / TRPE142A+ / TRVE186A / TRPE186A+ / TRVE230A / TRPE230A+

Matière des clayettes :
Wood (beech)
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
49,5 x 33 x 2,5
Net weight (kg):

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