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La Sommelière's high-performance commercial wine cellars have been specially designed to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry and the heavy use they are often put to. Sturdy design, reinforced door and handle, style: our commercial cellars come with a high-quality finish and their LED lighting enhances the wine collection contained within.

Horizontal or display shelf: the bottles are placed facing you for improved label legibility. Easy identification of stored bottles improves serving times and is straightforward for your teams (sommeliers, restaurant and waiting staff) to use.

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The golden rules of commercial wine cellars

La Sommelière wine cellars have been specially designed with professionals in mind, as we know how heavily a cellar can be used on a daily basis (particularly its door and handle). A sturdy design, reinforced door bottom and handle, shelves with visible labels, large capacity for a maximum number of bottles at their ideal serving temperature for your customers, stylish colours, integrated LED lighting, security and, of course, convenience.

  • Temprature
    Optimal temperature
  • Humidity level
  • no Vibration
  • light
    from light
  • Filtered and fresh air
    Filtered and
    fresh air

Our commitments

  • 5 years
    Spare parts
  • after sales
    throughout France
  • Extended warranty
    Extended warranty

Commercial wine cellars: storage, reliability, style and convenience

commercial wine celalrs la sommeliere

Practical and stylish: the commercial cellar working for restaurants and their customers

La Sommelière's commercial wine cellar range has it all: style and performance in equal measure. Due to its finish, style and lighting, the wine cellar is a decorative feature in its own right. The cellar is visually appealing for your customers, catching the eye and tempting customers to try what it holds inside.

  • Capacité
    From 100 to 210 bottles
  • glass door anti UV
    Anti-UV glass
  • temperature zone
    1 or 2 zones
  • Numerous shelves
  • hightlighted bottles of wine
    Hightlighted bottles
commercial wine cellars la sommeliere quality et reliability

Reliability and security: key features of the commercial range

With single-zone or double-zone options, you will be able to store different types of wine in the same cellar depending on the model you choose. The commercial wine cellar offers all the essential features guaranteeing perfect wine storage: visual and audible alarm, winter kit, anti-vibration system, lock, and more.

  • Winter system
    Winter system
  • Alarms
  • Anti-vibration
  • Regulated humidity
  • lock
commercial Eco-friendly wine cellars la sommeliere

Eco-friendly wine cellar

  • Efficient energy class wine cellar la sommeliere
    Efficient energy class
  • Eco-friendly wine cellar la sommeliere
    Eco-friendly wine cellar

Our products are manufactured in compliance with European environmental standards. In particular, the fluids used (R600A) do not emit CFCs or HFCs and are environmentally friendly.

Energy consumption is dependent on the conditions of use and the location of the appliance, generally designed for use at an ambient temperature of between 16°C and 32°C.

By-the-glass wine service and dispensers la sommeliere

By-the-glass wine service and dispensers

Designed to make wine service by the glass easier in commercial settings, our by-the-glass wine dispensers are multifunctional and save you valuable time during service. They are simple to use. Your wines are brought to the ideal serving temperature, ready to be served. You can adjust the temperature yourself and select the quantity to be served. Some models are double-zone thus offering you the option of setting two temperature zones—perfect for chilling different wines.

The dispensers can also be used for storing open bottles for up to three weeks and reduce wine wastage due to the nitrogen (an odourless, inert gas) pressurisation system. Significantly maximise the value of your bottles.

  • capacity 1 to 8 bottles
    1 to 8 bottles
  • Adjustable temperature
    Adjustable temperature
  • 1 ou 2 zones
    1 or 2 zones

COMMERCIAL wine cellars in detail

The commercial wine cellar meets the most exacting requirements in the hotel, restaurant and wine bar industry.

Bottom of the door reinforced commercial wine cellars la sommeliere

Bottom of the door reinforced

Sliding shelves commercial wine cellars

Sliding shelves = convenience

Interior LED lighting

Interior LED lighting

*Photos may differ from actual products. The specifications provided on this page are dependent on the wine cellar model selected. Make sure that the model you are interested in has all the technical and design features you need.

Discover the complete COMMERCIAL range

  • wine cellar MZ3V180 166 bottles 3 zone
    MZ3V180 3 zone
  • wine cellar MZ2V165 165 bottles 2 zone
    MZ2V165 2 zone
  • wine cellar PF110 107 bottles 1 zone
    107 bottles PF110
  • wine cellar PF160 152 bottles 1 zone
    152 bottles PF160
  • wine cellar PF160DZ 152 bottles 2 zone
    PF160DZ 2 zone
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