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First smart connected wine cellar !

Inspired by the best of La Sommelière expertise and designed to stand out while being perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

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A Patented & Made In France innovation

From concept to production, the first smart connected wine cellar is made in France. La Sommelière, wine cellars producer since 1993, leads its market ; proud of our know-how, we enhance our expertise with French production.

Overview your ECELLAR185 content in real time

The combination of a unique technology and its dedicated app

La Sommelière launches a unique innovation, the ECELLAR185, the world's first smart connected wine cellar.

The combination of its connected shelves and its dedicated Vinotag® app, available on App Store and Google Play, allows to view your wine cellar content in real time.

Recognition of your bottles

Just a photo and Vinotag® recognizes your bottles

The Vinotag app, in partnership with Vivino®, enables to identify your bottles with a simple photo of your wine label. Access then to a detailed and customizable wine sheet.

Once recognized, simply place it in your cellar. Each bottle is thus identified and detailed before being recorded in its precise location.

Instant detection of bottle adding and removals

The first Made In France smart shelves

Thought out, designed, and manufactured in France, the ECELLAR185 smart shelves detect bottle adding and removals in your cellar.

Equipped with 12 sensors, they report each movement in your Vinotag app for a real-time library of your wine cellar content.

Enter a new era with the ECELLAR185!

ECELLAR185 : specifications

Smart connected wine cellar

Connected shelves innovation. Detects bottle adding and removals thanks to its 168 sensors. Real-time library of your cellar. ESommelier® assisted location of your bottles. Stock alerts and peak dates. Vinotag® wine cellar management application.

Aging cellar

French made. Capacity 185 bottles, any format including Champagne with 168 connected locations and a bottom storage area for 17 bottles. 14 connected shelves in wood and metal rods with indicator LED lights.

Precise and constant temperature

Operating range between 5°C to 20°C. Single and multi-temperature mode. Digital control panel with adjustable temperature to the nearest degree. Visual and audible temperature alarm.

Controlled hygrometry

Regular cooling cycles coupled with evaporator thermodynamic technology.

No vibrations

Silent Block technology, anti-vibration system.

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The main Vinotag app functions

A dedicated appl to manage your wine cellar on a daily basis

Vinotag® is the first connected wine cellar management app. Thanks to a permanent link between Vinotag® and your wine cellar, consult your cellar content in real time, easily add and remove bottles, freely or thanks to the ESommelier® assisted placement, locate your bottles and share your passion.

ESommelier® assisted location

ECELLAR185 suggests your bottles location

The ESommelier® defines the optimal location to ensure a proper preservation of your wine. This location is identified by the type of wine, its ideal tasting temperature and the associated aging time.

The ECELLAR185 determines, based on these data and the temperature management in your cellar, a perfect location for preserving your bottle. Also helpful to visualize the free locations in your cellar.

Locate your bottles in no time

Your cellar indicates the exact location of the bottle you are looking for

To search for a bottle, give some clues in the search bar of your app.

To find the related bottle, press "view in my cellar" then a LED bottle icon comes on the smart shelves and shows its exact location.

Easy management of your wines

Your cellar notifies your stock levels and peak dates

Schedule stock alerts for your favorite bottles. A pop-up alerts as soon as your stock has reached the minimum indicated level. Enjoy your wines in the best possible conditions thanks to the peak date alert.

You receive an alert when your wines have reached their peak date.

Wine collection & cellar sharing

Share your passion with your loved ones

As passionate about wine as you are, we developed the "wine library" and "cellar sharing" functions to keep your favorite wines or create a wish list to share with your loved ones.

In partnership with Vivino®, consult a detailed file for each of your wines or even the food and wine combinations to taste your bottles at their best.

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