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ECELLAR185 smart connected wine cellar
185 bottles

ECELLAR185 smart connected wine cellar

La Sommelière took up the challenge of creating the first smart & connected wine cellar with a smartphone via a dedicated app: VINOTAG®.

The ECELLAR185 innovation lies in its connected shelves maintaining a permanent link between the cellar and its dedicated VINOTAG® app.

* pre-order for a delivery early June. Free installation in the room of your choice. However, you may check if your place of delivery suits. The ECELLAR185 is heavy (168 kg) and bulky (2.20 m), extra fee may be added according to difficult delivery location (floor without elevator, door too narrow etc ...) Do not hesitate to contact us.

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The ECELLAR concept

Smart wine cellar with automatic bottle detection. 

Thought out, designed and manufactured in France, the ECELLAR185 shelves are a real gem of technology, the result of several years of development. Aesthetic and intelligent, they have been designed to accommodate Champagne bottles (up to 9.5cm in diameter) not to leave aside your favourite bottles.

Connected to your smartphone, they automatically detect the adding and removals of your bottles to guarantee a real time register.

The permanent link between the ECELLAR185 and its dedicated VINOTAG® app allows you to identify your bottles with a simple photo, and access to a detailed wine sheet. Easily identify, store and find your bottles thanks to the ECELLAR185 and enjoy an instant view of your cellar content on your smartphone

ECELLAR functions

  • Bottles recognition

VINOTAG® has partnered with the world's largest wine database: VIVINO®.

You just bought a bottle or you received a nice gift, preserve it in your wine cellar! Open your VINOTAG® app, take a photo of your bottle label; the VINOTAG® - VIVINO® partnership gives you access in a few seconds to a detailed wine sheet. No need to create files yourself; a comment, rating and "favourite" bookmark space are even present to personalize them according to your wishes

  • Smart shelves, French manufacturing

The ECELLAR185 innovation lies in its smart shelves. Equipped with 12 sensors, they automatically detect the adding and removals of bottles, and report each movement in your app.

Take a picture of your bottle label to identify it, then place it wherever you want, the ECELLAR185 detects it automatically ; ECELLAR185 records each bottle and its location.

The smart connected shelves have been developed to accommodate a large number of bottle formats up to 9.5 cm diameter. The Bordeaux bottle format is no longer the norm, and the cellar stores all your favourite bottles without exception.

  • ESommelier® Assisted Location

Designed to bring you even further, the ECELLAR185 offers an ESommelier® function, and will advise on your bottles location.

This assisted location function determines the optimal position to ensure proper service temperature and preservation of your wine. This location is identified by the type of wine, its ideal tasting temperature and the associated aging time. Based on these data and the temperature management in your cellar, the ECELLAR185 determines an ideal location for preserving your bottle.

The ESommelier® function is also useful to view the available locations in your cellar, a tip to keep when your cellar is almost full.

  • Locate your bottles

To search for a bottle, give some clues in the search bar of your app. To find the related bottle, press "view in my cellar" then a LED bottle icon comes on the smart shelves and shows its exact location.

  • Wine collection & cellar sharing

As passionate about wine as you are, we developed the "wine library" and "cellar sharing" functions to keep your favourite wines or create a wish list to share with your loved ones.

ECELLAR185 strenghts

The ECELLAR185 advantages are numerous:

  • 185 bottles capacity ;
  • Ecellar area : 168 bottles;
  • Storage area : 17 bottles;
  • 14 smart connected shelves ;
  • Intelligent LED bottle icons (lexan shelf) ;
  • French innovation and manufacturing ;
  • Dedicated VINOTAG® app ;
  • ESommelier® assisted location ;
  • Operating range : 5°C à 20°C ;
  • Single or multi-temperature mode;
  • Glass door, triple glazing; Anti-UV treatment
  • Lock ;
  • Winter function ;
  • Interior LED lighting on both sides of the cellar.

Safe wine storage at home

  • A precise and constant temperature

The aging of the wine depends on its storage temperature, the ideal aging temperature is 12°C. A too high  temperature accelerates its aging, while too low slows it down. The constancy and stability of the temperature are also essential conditions, too strong and repeated variations damage the wine. The ECELLAR185 offers an optimal temperature management, down to the degree, to bring your wines at their best. Store preciously your wines thanks to its visual and audible temperature alarms and its winter function.

  • Controlled humidity

The humidity level of a cellar must remain between 50% and 80%. With a too low humidity level, the cork may dry out allowing oxygen to come into contact with the wine. If it is too high, it will damage the aesthetics of your bottles by peeling off their labels and may develop mold. To guarantee a precise temperature in your cellar, the ECELLAR185 generates regular cooling cycles. Coupled with the evaporator thermodynamic technology, it maintains a perfect humidity level in your ECELLAR185.

  • No vibrations

The repeated vibrations, even of small amplitude, disturb the maturation of the wine: they age the youngest wines in the wrong way, and spread the sediments of the oldest wines, damaging them in an irreversible way. Thanks to its Silent Block technology, the ECELLAR185 doesn’t generate vibrations and offers silent operation.

  • Protection against light

Ultraviolet rays degrade the tannins by oxidation and prematurely age the wine. They can eventually give wine a very unpleasant rancid taste called "taste of light" and permanently alter the quality of your bottles. To enhance your bottles while protecting them effectively, the ECELLAR185 has been developed with a triple glazed door with Anti-UV treatment.

  • A filtration and air renewal system 

In a confined space, wine can take on undesirable tastes. Without air renewal, mold and bacteria can grow and alter the tightness of the corks and the very taste of your wine. It is essential to keep your wines in a healthy environment. Equipped with an air inlet fitted with an activated carbon filter, the ECELLAR185 allows continuous air renewal, neutralizing bad smell and bacteria & mold proliferation.

Watch the video presentation of the ECELLAR185 :

2 years (parts, labour and on-site support)
Bottle capacity
Cellar use
Installation type
Free standing
Temperature range (°C)
5 - 20°C
Room recommended for installation
Pièce chauffée (ex: séjour, salle à manger, cuisine) et pièce non chauffée (ex : garage, cellier)
Type of door
Glass door
Reversible door
Energy class
Manufactured in
Matière des clayettes :
Nb of sliding shelves
Nb of charcoal filters
Digital temperature display
Anti-vibration system
Winter system
Interior LED lighting
visual and audible
Climate class
N (16 -32°C)
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Noise level (decibels – dB)
Adjustable feet
2 at front
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Gross dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net weight (kg):
Gross weight (kg):
Voltage (Volt)
Power (Watt)

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