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Are you looking for a wine cellar to age your wines? You will be wowed by the La Sommelière Tradition range which offers optimal ageing conditions, close to those found in traditional and underground cellars.

The single-temperature wine ageing cellar offers all the features and options needed to preserve your bottles. The highly stylish design of these cellars will fit in seamlessly with your interior.

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The La Sommelière TRADITION range includes an array of technological features that are crucial for preserving and ageing your finest vintages, namely:

  • Anti-vibration system,
  • Light and UV protection,
  • Electronic thermostat for regulating the temperature to the nearest degree,
  • Child lock,
  • Compressor security,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Lock,
  • Optimal aeration using active charcoal filters, etc.

The broad selection provides an ageing capacity of between 61 and 300 bottles in a wine cellar equipped with a solid or anti-UV glass door, with a temperature that can be adjusted as desired between 5°C and 20°C, installed in a heated or unheated room (the winter kit guarantees a constant temperature inside the cellar for an ambient temperature of 5°C to 38°C).

Moreover, La Sommelière endeavours to offer some of the most energy-efficient cellars on the market, even for large storage capacities. As such, our CTVNE models are class A and CTPNE models are A+, for example.

You can configure the internal layout of your wine cellar according to the type of wine you wish to store. There are over 150 different wine bottle formats, and the Tradition wine cellar multi-format shelves have been specially designed to accommodate all bottle sizes and offer them the stability they need.

If you are looking to combine ageing and conditioning features in the same wine cellar, we recommend our Prestige range. If, however, you are looking for a less expensive and more compact cellar, our service cellars will meet your needs.