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This page contains all the other products developed by La Sommelière: "wine-related" products, to guarantee perfect by-the-glass wine service or to chill a bottle. Aimed at private and commercial customers, the products available on this page are essential for wine connoisseurs, whatever their preference: white, red or rosé, Bordeaux, Burgundy or Jurançon... the list is endless!

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  • DVV22 2-bottle wine dispenser la sommeliere DVV22 2-bottle wine dispenser la sommeliere

    The DVV22 by-the-glass wine dispenser lets you simultaneously set a bottle to its ideal serving temperature, protect wine from air oxidation and serve your finest bottles by the glass. Your wines will be preserved for longer and as such can be served for up to three weeks after opening.

  • 6-bottles cooler CV7T la sommeliere 6-bottles cooler CV7T la sommeliere

    The all-black La Sommelière CV7T bottle cooler allows you to condition six bottles simultaneously. It allows you to simltaneously put at ideal temperature and serve chilled your precious bottles.

    The CV7T accommodates all types of bottles, from standard Bordeaux to Magnums as well as champagne bottles. Specially designed with professionals in mind, the bottle cooler is very stylish with its glass front and interior LED lighting. The bottles are enhanced and will tempt people to taste them.

  • CV1T by-the-glass wine service sommeliere CV1T by-the-glass wine service

    The La Sommelière CV1T is an essential 2-in-1 tool for all wine connoisseurs! It lets you serve wine by the glass using an extremely simple method via its pouring nozzle (long stainless steel tube) and, at the same time, preserves your open bottles and prevents the wine from oxidising too quickly. Wine preservation for up to three weeks.