Would you like to maximise the bottle capacity in your wine cellar? Then add a shelf, which will adapt the cellar to your personal usage and increase convenience.

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Wine cellar shelves are used to support your wine bottles. To make the right choice, make sure to find out which shelves are compatible with the wine cellar model you are fortunate enough to own, because, as in the case of charcoal filters (@), each cellar model has its own compatible accessory. Moreover, different types of shelf are available, in a variety of materials and finishes: wooden shelf, steel wire shelf, or a wood-fronted wire shelf for a stylish effect seen through the wine cellar's glass door.

For easier access to bottles, you can also, depending on the model, add a sliding shelf (as opposed to fixed shelves). For sliding shelves, you simply need to add rails to your wine cellar, subject to availability of this option and compatibility with this system. Our VIP cellars are also equipped with beautiful wooden drawers to be placed at the bottom of the cellar for storing all types of bottles in total darkness.