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Beech wood CLAPOGEE4 shelf for APOGEE range

The CLAPOGEE4 is a multi-size wooden shelf for the La Sommelière wine cellar. It is made of beech wood and allows you to optimize the storage of your bottles. Dedicated for the Apogée range. Make sure this rack is compatible with your wine cellar model.

Matière des clayettes :
Matière des clayettes : :
Wood (beech)

The CLAPOGEE4 semi-sliding rack in beech allows you to optimize the storage of your bottles. It optimizes the storage inside your wine cellar and allows you to store several types of bottles (Burgundy, Alsatian, Champenoise).

How to install the CLAPOGEE4 rack ?

The CLAPOGEE4 is very easy and quick to install: simply place it on the side supports of your refrigerated wine cabinet, at the height of your choice.

How does the CLAPOGEE4 allow the storage of wine bottles?

Made of natural wood, the CLAPOGEE4 adds a storage level to your wine cellar. Multi-formats of bottles, it allows you to store, with ease, different formats of bottles (Burgundy, Alsatian, Champenoise). For an optimized visibility of the labels, it allows a horizontal presentation of the bottles.

The CLAPOGEE4 shelf, also called wine cellar shelf, is dedicated to the Apogée range and is therefore compatible with several models of Apogée wine cellars, namely:

  • APOGEE255

What are the alternatives to the CLAPOGEE4 wooden shelf?

Are you wondering how best to store your wine cellar? To modulate your storage possibilities and benefit from an easier access to your bottles, we advise you to buy our other compatible racks:

  • CLAPOGEE3 : rack in natural wood.
  • CLAPREAPO250 : display rack, in natural wood.
Matière des clayettes :
Wood (beech)

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