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CLATRAD09 Wire fixed shelf

The CLATRAD09 natural wood-fronted metal wire fixed shelf for La Sommelière wine cellars is multi-format meaning you can store bottles of wine of any shape. Tradition range. Check compatibility with your wine cellar model. Maximum load in weight: 60kg.

Matière des clayettes :
Matière des clayettes : :
Metal wire + wood front
Compatibilité :

The CLATRAD09 wood-fronted black steel wire multi-format shelf can be used to store any bottle type and size in an extremely stable position. The mix of materials adds an extra touch of charm to your wine cellar. White, rosé, red wines and even champagnes are stored perfectly without wasting any space.

The sturdy CLATRAD09 is a fixed shelf for storing bottles in your La Sommelière wine cellar. With a black steel wire design, it is sturdy, accommodates a large number of bottles and provides a high level of stability for your wines.

You can stack your bottles with confidence, and store them over multiple levels.

The CLATRAD09 shelf is compatible with which wine cellar?

The CLATRAD09 wine cellar shelf is part of the Tradition range meaning it is compatible with a selection of Tradition cellar models:

CTVNE142A / CTPNE142A+ / CTVNE186A / CTPNE186A+ / CTVNE230A / CTPNE230A+ / TRVNE142A / TRPNE142A+ / TRVNE186A / TRPNE186A+ / TRVNE230A / TRPNE230A+ / CTVE142A / CTPE142A+ / CTVE186A / CTPE186A+ / CTVE230A / CTPE230A+ / TRVE142A / TRPE142A+ / TRVE186A / TRPE186A+ / TRVE230A / TRPE230A+

What are the alternatives to the CLATRAD09 wooden shelf?

How to organise your wine cellar For a diverse range of storage options and easy access to your bottles, do not hesitate to invest in our CLATRAD10 sliding shelf.

Matière des clayettes :
Metal wire + wood front
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
50 x 55,5 x 4
Net weight (kg):

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