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Metal wine cellar rack with wooden front CLASERVICE01

Discover our top-quality shelf for LS102DZBLACK and LS117BLACK wine cellars.

Designed with sturdy steel wire and a natural wood front, it's an elegant and practical solution for optimizing storage space. Its innovative upside-down structure facilitates access to bottles while maximizing space utilization. Perfect for wine lovers who appreciate functionality without having to compromise on style. An ideal choice for enhancing and preserving your wine collection.


Rack for Wine Cellars - LS102DZBLACK and LS117BLACK

Elegant and practical design

The steel wire rack, complemented by a natural wood pediment, combines sturdiness and elegance.Its unique head-to-tail design not only optimizes storage space in your wine cellar, but also its accessibility.Specially designed for LS102DZBLACK and LS117BLACK wine cellars, this rack is the ideal solution for wine lovers concerned with detail and quality.

Optimized storage space

Maximize the use of space in your wine cellar with this rack. Its clever layout ensures organized, efficient storage of your precious bottles. Each bottle is easily accessible, avoiding any disruption to the established order. It's a real transformation of your cellar, giving it both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Enduringly attractive benefits

This rack is not just a practical object, it's also a work of art that aesthetically combines natural wood and metal. Its ease of maintenance and durability make it a wise investment for any wine lover. It represents a lasting added value to your wine collection, combining functionality and aesthetics.

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