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FILTRE7 activated carbon filter for COLLECTION

The essential accessory for maintaining a clean, healthy environment in your La Sommelière wine cellar is the FILTRE7 activated carbon filter. It filters and purifies the air inside the cellar, protecting the wines stored there. Make sure it is compatible with your wine cellar model.


What is the purpose of the carbon filter in a refrigerated wine cellar?

The charcoal filter in a refrigerated wine cellar is used to remove odours and impurities from the air in the cellar, to maintain a clean and healthy environment for storing wine.

Should the carbon filter in a wine cellar be changed?

We recommend changing the carbon filter in a wine cellar regularly to maintain a clean, healthy environment for storing wine. The frequency of replacement depends on the use of the wine cellar and the environment in which it is located. It is important to check the condition of the filter regularly and replace it if necessary to maintain the quality of the air inside the wine cellar and protect the wines stored there.

Which wine cellars is the FILTRE7 filter compatible with?

The FILTRE7 filter is compatible with the COLLECTION wine cellar.

Note: it is important to remove the protection before installing the new filter in your wine cellar to ensure it works properly.

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