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VIP280VLIMITED multi-zone wine cellar - Special Edition Pack

Special Sommelier Edition, the VIP280V wine cellar fully equipped! Your 5 accessories fully assembled and mounted on your wine cellar!

The VIP280V wine cellar is a simultaneous aging and temperature control cellar! Part of the PRESTIGE La Sommelière range, this model allows you to store different wines in the same cellar thanks to the natural staggering of the temperature zones. Made in Europe, the VIP280V is aesthetically pleasing and offers a storage capacity of up to 273 bottles.

Energy class
Energy class :
Manufactured in
Manufactured in :
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This pack contains

AIRPUR1 fan and air purifier
x 1
MODUL16 Wine cellar drawer, for VIP280-VIP330 La Sommeliere
MODUL16 Wine cellar drawer, for VIP280-330
x 1
MODUL27 Wine cellar drawer for VIP280-330 la sommeliere
MODUL27 Wine cellar drawer for VIP280-330
x 1
CLAVIP08 Wooden display shelf, for VIP280 VIP330 La Sommeliere
CLAVIP08 display shelf, for VIP280 VIP330
x 1
RAILV3 sliding rails for shelf CLAVIP07 La Sommeliere
RAILV3 sliding rails for shelf CLAVIP07
x 1

VIP280V aging and tempering wine cellar

The PRESTIGE wine cellars of our brand are equipped with a neat and contemporary aesthetic. The glass doors sublimate the bottles and offer a nice display of your bottles. 

The VIP280V offers to your bottles the conditions of conservation essential to a cellar of ageing, namely:

  • Absence of vibration;
  • Obscurity: the double glazing in tempered glass benefits of course from an anti-UV treatment to protect your wines from the light;
  • Stable temperature: wine does not tolerate sudden temperature changes.  All our cellars ensure stable temperatures;
  • Regulated hygrometry rate;
  • Filtration, purification and air renewal thanks to the carbon filter.

A range of wine cellars with 3 temperature levels

The temperature of the VIP280V wine cellar can be adjusted between 17 and 19°C in the upper zone and then naturally scales downwards, thus offering 2 additional temperature levels:

  • from 13° to 15°C in the middle zone ;
  • and from 7° to 9° in the lower zone.
2 years (parts, labour and on-site support)
Bottle capacity
Cellar use
Conditioning and ageing
Installation type
Free standing
Number of compartments
3 zones and more
Temperature range (°C)
8 - 18°C
3 zones
Type of door
Glass door
Door treatment
Anti-UV treatment
Energy class
Manufactured in
Matière des clayettes :
Wood (beech)
Nb of charcoal filters
Anti-vibration system
Big Chill system
Interior LED lighting
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Noise level (decibels – dB)

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