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Cave à vin double zone PRO160DZN
152 bouteilles

New for 2023 - PRO160DZN professional wine cellar

Discover the PRO160DZN professional wine cellar. With a capacity of 152 bottles, it offers optimal storage for your wine collection.

It guarantees low energy consumption of just 180 kWh per year. With a low noise level of 38 dB, it blends discreetly into your catering space. With two adjustable temperature zones (5°C to 12°C and 12°C to 20°C), it can accommodate all types of bottles. It's easy to adapt to your professional space, and comes with 15 sliding steel wire shelves to keep your best labels visible for quick identification, plus a digital thermometer.


PRO160DZN 152-bottle professional wine cellar - Combine storage capacity, professional functionality and modern design.

PRO160DZN professional wine cellar

The PRO160DZN professional ageing wine cellar is one of the latest additions to our range. It embodies elegance and functionality, specially designed for professionals. This cellar is synonymous with sturdiness, reliability, practicality and technical sophistication, meeting all your needs when it comes to serving and preserving 152 bottles of wine, neatly arranged horizontally with labels clearly visible for quick identification.

The PRO160DZN is equipped with a "winter" function, guaranteeing that the temperature inside the cellar is maintained, even if the ambient temperature drops significantly.

Features include:

  • A wide, solid handle for easy handling: equipped with a handle that makes the cellar easier to handle, users will find it easier to use.
  • Sliding shelves for everyday convenience: 15 sliding steel wire shelves allow you to combine professional practicality with label display.
  • Two adjustable temperature zones: The upper part of the wine cellar is adjustable from 5° to 12°C and can store up to 63 bottles. The lower zone has a temperature range from 12° to 20°C and can store 89 bottles. Your wine cellar can store any type of bottle.
  • The PRO160DZN is quiet, with a sound level of 38 dB, ensuring a calm and pleasant atmosphere in your professional environment.
  • Energy class and power consumption: the PRO160DZN professional wine cellar has an energy class of G. With an annual power consumption of just 180 kWh, this cellar lets you store your favourite wines with low power consumption.
  • EEI, voltage and power: the PRO160DZN wine cellar has an EEI (Energy Efficiency Index) of 168.5, ensuring high energy performance. It operates on a voltage range of 220-240 V.

The PRO160DZN wine cellar also has an attractive design:

  • With its anti-UV glass door that showcases your wine collection in front of your customers.

  • White LED lighting with switch: the integrated white LED lighting adds a touch of sophistication to your wine cellar. Not only does it show off your precious bottles, it also makes it easier to select your wines, even in low light conditions. The switch lets you control the lighting to suit your preferences.

  • Stainless steel door base: adds a touch of elegance and a high-end finish, making it easy for catering professionals to use every day.

In terms of safety, the PRO160DZN offers :

  • The "Winter" system: maintains the cellar's interior temperature in the event of changes in ambient temperature.
  • Audible and visual alerts: in the event of temperature variations (high or low), you can be sure that your precious bottles are safe to store. This means you can quickly detect any temperature deviation that could compromise the quality of your wines.
  • Humidity control between 60 and 80%: so you can store your wines in optimum conditions, whatever the type of wine.
  • A lock to protect your investment: the lock gives you extra security against theft or tampering by unauthorised staff or customers.

For those who need even more storage capacity

Our professional range includes other models, such as the PRO110N with a maximum capacity of 107 bottles in a single zone, or the PRO160N, also boasts a 152-bottle capacity in a single zone too.

Compatible accessory :

As far as activated carbon filters are concerned, the PRO160DZN is compatible with the FCA07.

*Please note that the advertised capacity is measured according to European standard EN62552, based on traditional Bordeaux 75 cl bottles. Other bottle sizes or the addition of racks may reduce storage capacity. Maximum capacity depends on the model of racks used.
*If you need accessories or spare parts, please visit our website Interfroid Services to find compatible parts for your wine cellar.
2 years (parts, labour and on-site support)
Bottle capacity
Number of compartments
Multi zones
Temperature range (°C)
5 - 12 °C
Temperature range (°C)
12 - 20 °C
Double zone
Type of door
Glass door
Door treatment
Anti-UV treatment
Reversible door
Energy class
Matière des clayettes :
fil d'acier, fronton métal, type coulissant
Nb of sliding shelves
Nb of charcoal filters
Digital temperature display
Regulated humidity
btw 60 n 80%
Anti-vibration system
Winter system
Interior LED lighting
visual and audible
Climate class
SN-ST (10-38°C)
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Adjustable feet
2 at front
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Gross dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net weight (kg):
Gross weight (kg):
Voltage (Volt)
Power (Watt)
Système de froid
Type de régulation

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