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Discover throughout the year the behind-the-scenes of the number one wine cellar brand.

For 30 years, La Sommelière has become the professional reference in wine cellars by designing tailored solutions to meet the storage requirements of every bottle. Let's look back on the history of this historic wine cellar brand, which celebrates its 30 years of excellence in 2023.

The origin of the brand.

The passion of a French entrepreneur behind the brand

La Sommelière was founded in 1993 by a French entrepreneur with a passion for wine. The brand quickly made a name for itself in the market by offering wine cellars capable of reproducing the storage environment of a natural cellar. With its different ranges of wine cellars, La Sommelière quickly won over its customers and became a reference in the industry.

Expertise and know-how for 30 years.

Over the years, La Sommelière has shared its expertise and know-how with wine enthusiasts everywhere. From restaurants to homes, the brand has redesigned each of its wine cellars to ensure optimal wine preservation in a tailored solution. The legacy of its professional expertise is now reflected in each product, to the delight of wine lovers.

La Sommelière is a European leader in wine cellars and celebrates its 30 years of excellence this year. Since its creation, the brand has made a name for itself in the professional world of wine preservation by offering innovative and tailored solutions for every need. Today, its expertise is accessible to all wine enthusiasts, who can enjoy quality products to store their bottles in the best conditions.

New La Sommelière ambassador

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, Léa Perret becomes our ambassador and spokesperson.

Léa Perret won the title of Best Young Sommelier in France in 2022 and is co-manager of the Nicolas wine cellar in Lyon Jacobins. This partnership reinforces our commitment to make wine accessible to everyone, whether they are novices, enthusiasts, or experts, of all ages and genders. Together, we are dedicated to democratizing wine and wine professions for all audiences.

The evolution of the logo

Special Offers for the 30th Anniversary Year

Follow the anniversary special offers throughout the year...


Our Vision

To democratize, sublimate, and revolutionize the wine cellar.

Democratize: making the storage or temperature control of wine accessible to all, whether in terms of product accessibility or knowledge.

Sublimate: transforming the wine cellar into a full-fledged showcase to enhance the wine and its decoration.

Revolutionize: constantly rethinking the storage and tasting of wine to create new intuitive, aesthetic, and innovative solutions.


Our Promise

To store and temperature-control your wines for optimal tasting.

The legacy of our professional know-how is reflected in each of our products.

Storing and temperature-controlling wine is our core business.


Our Values

Design, Innovation, Expertise.

Design: the wine cellar is not just an appliance but a showcase that enhances your bottles and decor.

Innovation: aging, serving, presenting, or even managing your wines are the concerns that drive our product development, and that constantly evolve to allow us to develop wine cellars adapted to current concerns and lifestyles.

Expertise: relying on our knowledge but also constantly rethinking and improving the storage and tasting of wine to create new effective, safe, intuitive, and innovative solutions.

Caves adapted to every need

La Sommelière has developed wine storage solutions adapted to every need, whether for professionals or individuals. The brand offers innovative solutions such as the integrated Préservin system, multi-position shelves designed for all bottle formats, multi-temperature and multi-zone wine coolers, and a Vinotag® wine cellar management app. Each product is the result of La Sommelière's expertise and innovation, which constantly seeks to meet the needs of its customers.

The 5 golden rules for a wine aging cellar

Wines require proper storage to allow them to mature and develop their flavor and texture. Wine enthusiasts often seek to create an aging cellar to store their precious bottles. La Sommelière has early defined the 5 golden rules for a wine aging cellar: precise and constant temperature, controlled humidity, absence of vibrations, a filtration and ventilation system, and protection against light. La Sommelière's commitment to optimizing its products according to its clients' constraints and activities has allowed it to acquire recognized expertise in its field.

Precise and constant temperature

Wine is sensitive to temperature and should not be exposed to excessive thermal fluctuations. A temperature that is too high accelerates the aging process, while a temperature that is too low slows it down. The ideal temperature for aging wine is 12°C. Temperature fluctuations should be avoided as much as possible, and some models offer visual and audible alarms or a winter function to ensure optimal operation.

Controlled humidity

A relative humidity of 50% to 80% is ideal for storing fine wines. Excess humidity can lead to mold formation, while too low humidity can cause cork drying, leading to wine oxidation.

Absence of vibrations

Vibrations can negatively affect the quality and flavor of wine by disrupting the formation of deposits, which are essential in aging red wine in particular. It is therefore essential to avoid sources of vibration in your wine cellar. Choosing a cellar with an anti-vibration system guarantees the proper maturation of wines. Our cellars are equipped with Silent Block technology; shock absorbers that absorb vibrations while offering silent operation.

Filtration and ventilation system

Good ventilation is essential to prevent mold and bad odors in your wine cellar. It is recommended to install a ventilation system to allow air to circulate and remove excess moisture. An activated carbon filter can be used to eliminate unwanted odors.

Protection against light

Light is an enemy to wine as it can alter its aromas and flavors and, above all, accelerate its aging. Bottles must be stored in total darkness, without direct exposure to sunlight. Full door or UV-treated glass door, many alternatives exist to allow you to protect and admire your bottles. Don't forget the interior lighting system, which must be adapted not to impact the wine's aging. We prefer to choose LED lighting.

Innovation Grand Prize 2022

La Sommelière and its connected wine cellar, ECELLAR


La Sommelière is a French wine cellar brand that has distinguished itself in the market thanks to its expertise and commitment to innovation. Awarded the "Golden Innovation Grand Prize" at the 2022 Paris Fair, the brand was praised for its fully connected wine cellar, "ECELLAR". This allows remote management of a wine inventory and real-time tracking of all entries and exits of bottles from the cellar.

Since its creation, the brand has been committed to innovating to meet the needs of wine lovers. It has thus developed elegant, aesthetic, and now connected wine cellars.

Features and benefits of the connected wine cellar


"To provide innovative solutions, the men and women of La Sommelière, who are above all wine enthusiasts, are constantly questioning the best way to meet our customers' expectations," said Didier Grychta, CEO of the Frio group.

"Passionate about wine but also for some of us, tech enthusiasts, we have surrounded ourselves with the best engineers and partners for this project. The result: a world-class innovation hailed by the 2022 innovation grand prize, the first true connected wine cellar in the world."