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Léa Perret, Nicolas cellarman and best young cellarman of France 2022, becomes ambassador of the Apogée cellars of La Sommelière

La Sommelière, a major European player in the wine cellar market, has selected Léa Perret as the ambassador for the new Apogée range. Crowned the best young cellarer in France in 2022, she now represents an innovative range of wine cellars for aging, connected and remotely controllable.

This launch marked a turning point in La Sommelière's collaboration with the largest wine merchant in France: Nicolas. With 498 stores, our partnership with the number one wine retailer in the city center allows for a perfect combination of experts to offer a quality experience to wine lovers.

Portrait of Léa Perret

At just 26 years old, Léa Perret is the rising star of Lyon and French gastronomy. She discovered the most beautiful bottles in her grandparents' cellar and with her aunt, a sommelier in Lyon, and has turned it into a profession-passion.

Winner of Les Rabelais de la gastronomie prize in 2021, she also holds since 2022 the title of "Best young wine merchant in France". We met her in the Nicolas cellar on the rue des Jacobins in Lyon, which she co-manages. She agreed to become the face of our Apogée range, the latest innovation from La Sommelière, which creates a perfect case to age the most beautiful bottles while keeping control, even from a distance.

Focus on the Apogee range

This is a wine cellar that catches the eye by its design and its difference.

The Apogee line offers the ultimate storage and monitoring experience for your wines. With its Vinotag® app, you'll be able to remotely adjust your wine cellar's temperature, lighting and alarm settings to keep an eye on your most precious vintages.

Wi-Fi compatibility allows you to monitor your wines anywhere, directly from your smartphone or tablet. With nine different references in the range, you are sure to find the cellar that best suits your needs.

They come in 9 references: single zone 147, 189 and 254 bottles (offered in solid and glass doors) and double zone 143, 181 and 247 bottles (glass door only).

Your wine shop down the street from you

Nicolas is an emblematic wine shop brand founded in 1822 by Louis Nicolas in Paris. For more than two centuries, the brand has evolved to offer the most complete range of wines, champagnes, spirits and craft beers on the market, with more than 800 references per store on average. Nicolas is present in 11 countries with more than 550 wineries, 506 of which are in France, where the company's 765 wine merchants offer exceptional customer service while taking care of the wines.

Discover the cellars of the Apogee range