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LS28SILENCE 28-bottle service wine cellar

New for 2023 - LS28SILENCE ultra-quiet hybrid serving wine cellar 

The LS28SILENCE serving wine cellar offers a 28-bottle capacity, and features 6 steel wire racks with a wooden pediment. Its modern black and charcoal-gray design features a fully glazed door and digital control panel, adding a touch of elegance to your interior.

One of the main advantages of the LS28SILENCE wine cellar is its extremely low noise level of just 26 dB. The wine cellar allows a temperature range from 11 to 18°C.

Thanks to its clear dimensions of 45 x 52.8 x 73.5 cm, it fits easily into your room, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a wine cellar without compromising the aesthetics of your home.

Bottle capacity
Bottle capacity :
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Energy consumption (kW/an) :
Noise level (decibels – dB)
Noise level (decibels – dB) :
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LS28SILENCE 28-bottle service wine cellar - The perfect combination of silence, optimized storage and modern design.

Absolute silence for discreet integration: just 26 dB

The LS28SILENCE service wine cellar is designed to blend seamlessly into your interior, offering absolute silence thanks to its fanless hybrid technology. With an incredibly low noise level of just 26 decibels, you can place this wine cellar in any living space.

Optimized storage to preserve your favorite wines

This compact wine cellar offers optimized storage capacity for up to 28 Bordeaux 75 cl bottles. Thanks to its 6 steel wire shelves with beech wood fronts, you can organize your bottles conveniently and efficiently. The multi-purpose racks allow you to store different bottle formats, giving you great flexibility. What's more, ideal temperature control ensures that every bottle is kept in optimum condition, ready to be enjoyed at any time.

The LS28SILENCE wine cellar is compact and easy to integrate into your home. Its clear-cut dimensions of 45 x 52.8 x 73.5 cm allow it to fit into even the most confined spaces.

Modern design for an elegant visual experience

The LS28SILENCE serving wine cellar perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics with its sleek, modern design. The all-glass door and exterior digital control panel offer an elegant, intuitive visual experience. The discreet integrated handle makes for a quick grip and easy access to your favorite wines. The contemporary anthracite color and flat hinges give this wine cellar a resolutely modern look, perfectly complementing your interior.

LS28SILENCE cellar equipment

  • 6 steel wire racks with beech wood fronts: the racks of the LS28SILENCE wine cellar offer a practical, optimized storage solution. They are specially designed to accommodate wine bottles of various sizes. Thanks to the beech wood pediment, your bottles are held securely and elegantly in place.
  • Fully glazed door with discreet integrated handle: offers a panoramic view of your wine collection. Gray triple-glazed tempered glass ensures optimum insulation, preserving the quality of your wines. The discreet integrated handle adds a modern touch to the cellar's overall design.
  • External digital control panel: thanks to the digital control panel on the outside of the cellar, you can easily adjust and monitor the temperature of your wine cellar. This practical feature allows you to maintain your wines at the ideal tasting temperature without having to open the door, helping to preserve the stability of the internal environment.
  • White LED lighting with switch: enhances your wine bottles, creating an elegant ambience and highlighting wine labels and colors. With the switch, you can easily turn the lighting on or off according to your preferences.

Technical specifications of the LS28SILENCE hybrid wine cellar

  • Energy class: F: this guarantees reasonable energy consumption while maintaining the cooling performance needed to keep your wines at the optimum temperature.
  • Annual electricity consumption: 97 kWh: the LS28SILENCE wine cellar is energy-efficient, enabling you to protect the environment while saving on your electricity bills.
  • Climate class, N: climate class N indicates that this wine cellar is designed to operate efficiently at a normal ambient temperature range. This means you can install it in most rooms of your home without worrying about its optimal operation.
  • Noise level: 26 dB: with an extremely low noise level of just 26 decibels, the LS28SILENCE wine cellar is incredibly quiet. You can install it in any room without being disturbed by the noise of the cellar's operation, allowing you to fully enjoy your space without any disturbance.
  • EEI: 124: make informed choices for energy efficiency with its Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of 124 guarantees optimum use of energy, enabling you to reduce your running costs while preserving the environment.
  • Voltage: 220-240 V: compatible with a standard power supply, making it easy to install in your home without the need for special adapters.
  • Power: 100 W: this wine cellar offers efficient cooling performance while maintaining reasonable energy consumption.
  • Gas type: R600a: environmentally-friendly refrigerant gas offers efficient cooling performance, ensuring that your wines are maintained at the ideal tasting temperature.

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Bottle capacity
Installation type
Free standing
Temperature range (°C)
11 - 18°C
Type of door
Glass door
Energy class
Matière des clayettes :
Fil d'acier, fronton bois, fixe
Nb of fixed shelves
Gris anthracite
Climate class
N (16 -32°C)
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Noise level (decibels – dB)
Adjustable feet
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
45 x 52,8 x 73,5
Gross dimensions (WxDxH cm)
49,5 x 57 x 77
Net weight (kg):
Gross weight (kg):
Voltage (Volt)
Power (Watt)
Système de froid
Type de régulation

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