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CV1T by-the-glass wine service sommeliere
  • CV1T by-the-glass wine service sommeliere
  • CV1T by-the-glass wine service

CV1T By-the-glass service and wine preservation

The La Sommelière CV1T is an essential 2-in-1 tool for all wine connoisseurs! It lets you serve wine by the glass using an extremely simple method via its pouring nozzle (long stainless steel tube) and, at the same time, preserves your open bottles and prevents the wine from oxidising too quickly. Wine preservation for up to three weeks. 

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The La Sommelière CV1T is essential for all wine connoisseurs looking for perfect wine service. Ideal for events, dinners and special family occasions, the CV1T is increasingly popular with non-professional customers for its 2-in-1 action: by-the-glass wine service and open wine preservation

CV1T By-the glass wine service and wine preservation

The 2-in-1 CV1T lets you not only serve wine neatly by the glass using the nozzle which you merely need to activate to dispense the precious liquid, but also preserve wine from an open bottle for up to three weeks. What a benefit to be able to enjoy your finest grape varieties for several days or even weeks!

This stylish stainless steel wine dispenser has an understated, contemporary design. Indeed, its long tube is ideal for serving wine at an optimal pressure, thereby preserving its quality. Using this dispenser, you will be able to impress your friends and have them sample your exceptional wines without having to worry about wasting a fine bottle or spilling a drop.

How does the CV1T work?

Wine preservation is enabled by nitrogen cartridges fitted in the appliance (containing an odourless, inert gas). Indeed, this gas protects and preserves the flavours and qualities of the wine. It prevents contact with oxygen, thereby radically delaying the oxidation of your fine wine.

The CV1T is supplied with 6 compatible nitrogen cartridges (ref. CA02).

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