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PRO160DZ wine cellar double zone 152 bottles

The PRO160DZ commercial wine cellar has been designed with professionals in mind. Two independently adjustable zones: ideal for storing red wine in the top compartment and chilling white wine in the bottom compartment. A sturdy, heavy-duty cellar for intensive use in a commercial setting, the PRO160DZ is also highly stylish with its white LEDs on both sides of the shelves. A fantastic showcase for your wine collection.

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Energy class :
Winter system
Winter system :
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PRO160DZ double-zone commercial conditioning wine cellar

The PRO160DZ commercial wine cellar has been specially designed with professionals in mind: it showcases the wine collection featured on your wine list thanks to the particular arrangement of the bottles, and also the white LEDs placed on both sides of each shelf.

The PRO160DZ wine cellar is a wine conditioning and ageing cellar and has a storage capacity of up to 152 bottles*. Each of its 2 compartments is equipped with its own control meaning you can set each storage compartment to a different temperature.

You can regulate temperatures within the following ranges:

Top section (63 bottles): 5°C to 12°C;

Bottom section (89 bottles): 12°C to 20°C.

Key features of the PRO160DZ

Ideal for the commercial sector, the PRO160DZ ageing and conditioning wine cellar meets the needs expressed by the food and beverage industry:

  • door bottom reinforced with stainless steel panel;
  • wide, sturdy handle for easy grip;
  • bottles displayed facing the professional: you can now see the labels directly and not just the bottoms or necks of bottles;
  • sliding shelves for unprecedented convenience.

The PF160DZ is also highly stylish and eye-catching thanks to:

  • its wide anti-UV glass door displaying your wine collection;
  • its white LEDs arranged on both sides of the cellar to enhance each row of bottles;
  • its door bottom protected with a stylish stainless steel panel.

The 152 bottles can be accessed easily using the 15 sliding shelves, offering unprecedented convenience for your waiting and sommelier staff.

Secure wine storage in your wine cellar

La Sommelière's high-performance "PRO" range meets the key needs of the food and beverage industry. As such, the PRO160DZ provides secure, trouble-free storage for a large number of wines and grape varieties through a host of important features:

Winter system: to maintain the temperature set inside the cellar even if the ambient temperature drops;

  • An audible and visual temperature alarm (high and low) to be notified in the event of unexpected fluctuation;
  • Humidity regulated between 55% and 75%;
  • Lock to restrict access and keep your investment under lock and key.

Which other commercial wine cellars are available?

This wine cellar can be used to store up to 152 bottles. However, La Sommelière's commercial range includes other models with different capacities, such as:

  • the PRO160 service cellar also offering storage capacity for up to 152 bottles;
  • or the PRO110, for ageing up to 107 bottles;

Which active charcoal filter is compatible with the PRO160DZ?

The active charcoal filter compatible with the PRO160DZ is the FCA07.

* Maximum capacity for light Bordeaux bottles laid head to tail calculated with 15 shelves

2 years (parts, labour and on-site support)
Bottle capacity
Cellar use
Conditioning and ageing
Installation type
Free standing
Number of compartments
Multi zones
Room recommended for installation
Pièce chauffée (ex: séjour, salle à manger, cuisine) et pièce non chauffée (ex : garage, cellier)
Type of door
Glass door
Door treatment
Anti-UV treatment
Energy class
Matière des clayettes :
Metal wire
Nb of sliding shelves
Nb of charcoal filters
Black and stainless steel
Anti-vibration system
Winter system
Interior LED lighting
visual and audible
Climate class
SN-ST (10-38°C)
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Noise level (decibels – dB)
Adjustable feet
2 at front
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Gross dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net weight (kg):
Gross weight (kg):
Power (Watt)
Net volume (l)

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