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Dual Zone LSBU18DZ 20-bottle built-in wine cellar

New for 2023: The LSBU18DZ Double Zone built-in wine cellar, a perfect alliance between elegant design, advanced functionality and optimal preservation of your wines.

Choose the LSBU18DZ Double Zone built-in wine cellar: 18 bottles and silent (39 dB), it features 4 wooden shelves and an anti-vibration system. It features 2 distinct temperature zones: the upper zone offers a temperature range from 5°C to 12°C, while the lower zone offers a temperature range from 12°C to 20°C, to preserve your wines to perfection.

Bottle capacity
Bottle capacity :

Discover the LSBU18DZ Double Zone built-in wine cellar: the perfect combination of design, elegance and functionality.

The LSBU18DZ Double Zone built-in wine cellar is the ideal solution for demanding wine lovers. It features a sophisticated design, an 18-bottle capacity and two separate temperature zones.

Design and elegance: enhance your bottles with style

The LSBU18DZ is designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen thanks to its standard 30 cm format. Its flush-mount design gives it a timeless elegance, while its tempered glass door, treated with UV protection, shows off your bottles to their best advantage and protects them from harmful rays. The white LED interior lighting creates a refined ambience, and the all-glass door with its removable plinth ensures that it blends harmoniously into your surroundings.

To the degree: savour every aromatic note

Thanks to its two independently adjustable temperature zones, the LSBU18DZ lets you set the ideal temperature for different types of wine in the same cellar. This means you can store and enjoy your red, white or rosé wines at the optimum temperature for each grape variety. Make the most of every aromatic note and discover new taste horizons with this versatile wine cellar.

Silent operation and low power consumption

The LSBU18DZ wine cellar is rated F in terms of energy efficiency, making it an environmentally-friendly and economical choice in terms of power consumption. What's more, with a noise level of just 39 decibels, it's discreet and lets you enjoy a peaceful environment in your kitchen. Don't let anything disrupt your wine tasting and opt for smarter everyday use.

Cellar equipment: advanced features for optimum preservation

  • 4 wooden shelves (beech): Aesthetically present your bottles and organise your collection in a practical way.
  • Anti-vibration system: Protects your wines from potentially harmful vibrations, preserving their quality and aromas.
  • 4 Adjustable feet: For easy installation and stability of the cellar, ensuring optimum preservation of your wines.
  • Removable ventilation grille: Ensures optimum air circulation inside the cellar, maintaining ideal conditions for preserving your wines.
  • Anti-UV treated tempered glass door: Protects your bottles from harmful rays, while offering clear visibility and elegant presentation.
  • Electronic thermometer with white display: Allows you to accurately monitor the temperature inside the cellar, guaranteeing optimum control to preserve the quality of your wines.

Not all models can be fitted with a rack, so check before you buy.

Technical specifications of the LSBU18DZ wine cellar

  • Energy class F: This LSBU18DZ built-in wine cellar offers low energy consumption.
  • Annual electricity consumption of 98 kWh: Thanks to its low energy consumption, this wine cellar offers you more ecological and economical use, without compromising the quality of preservation of your wines.
  • Climate class N-ST: This cellar is designed to operate efficiently in normal ambient conditions, giving you optimum performance and ideal preservation of your wines.
  • 39 dB noise level: With a reduced noise level, this wine cellar is particularly quiet, allowing you to install it in your kitchen or living space without any noise nuisance.
  • 220-240 V voltage: This wine cellar is compatible with current electrical standards, making it easy to install and use in your home.
  • 58 Watt power: With the right amount of power, this wine cellar delivers reliable, efficient performance to keep your wines in optimum condition.
  • Type of gas: R600a is a neutral refrigerant gas.
Bottle capacity
Installation type
Number of compartments
Multi zones
Temperature range (°C)
5 - 12 °C
Temperature range (°C)
12 - 20 °C
Double zone
Type of door
Glass door
Reversible door
Energy class
Matière des clayettes :
Wood (beech)
Nb of sliding shelves
Electrique et Affichage Digital
Anti-vibration system
Interior LED lighting
Climate class
N-ST (16-38°C)
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Noise level (decibels – dB)
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
29,5 x 55,5 x 81,5
Gross dimensions (WxDxH cm)
33 x 63,5 x 85,5
Net weight (kg):
Gross weight (kg):
Voltage (Volt)
Power (Watt)
Système de froid
Type de régulation
Grille d'aération amovible

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