Prestige range

Prestige range

The Prestige range combines technical performance, style and high-end finishes to allow you to age, bring to serving temperature, and chill your wines.

The modular and functional Prestige accessories enhance your ageing and/or conditioning wine cellar and adapt to your needs.


Tradition range

range Tradition La Sommelière

The Tradition range is designed for ageing your wine in a single-temperature cellar (uniform temperature). Store between 77 and 248 bottles behind a solid door for total darkness or behind an anti-UV glass door for an extra stylish touch.

Enjoy the convenience of the Tradition wine cellar.


Service Range

Service range La Sommeliere

The service cellar prepares your wines for imminent serving, guaranteeing an ideal temperature while protecting your fine wines (red, white, rosé or champagne).

You will fall under the charm of the style and performance of these cellars suitable for all spaces: from 16 to 126 bottles, with single-zone or double-zone options.


Commercial range

commercial range La Sommeliere

Commercial wine cellars are ideal for the needs of the food and beverage industry: inclined or sliding shelves, rapid wine identification, LED lighting, up to three temperature zones, reversible and anti-UV doors, large storage capacities (up to 210 bottles) and many other features.


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