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FCA05 Charcoal filter

The FCA05 active charcoal filter for La Sommelière commercial wine cellars is the essential wine cellar accessory for filtering, cleaning and purifying the air inside the cellar. Check compatibility with your wine cellar model.


What is the purpose of the charcoal filter in a refrigerated wine cellar?

The active charcoal filter neutralises unpleasant odours and prevents mould by renewing the air.

Do you need to replace the charcoal filter in a wine cellar?

The filtration and aeration system cleans the air inside the wine cellar. It provides continuous air renewal and removes any ambient odour liable to harm your bottles. As such, the charcoal filter must be replaced once a year to ensure that the filtering system remains effective.

The FCA05 filter is compatible with which wine cellar?

The FCA05 active charcoal filter is compatible with TR3V181 and TR2V121 commercial cellars.

TR3V181, TR2V121
Dim. nettes (LxPxH cm)
D.6 x P.3,5 cm
Poids net (kg)

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