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FCA08 activated carbon filter for ECELLAR range

To guarantee the quality of your wines stored in an ECELLAR La Sommelière connected wine cellar, the essential accessory is the FCA08 activated carbon filter. It filters, purifies and purifies the air inside the cellar to ensure a healthy environment.


What is the purpose of the filtering and aeration system in a wine cellar?

The filtering and aeration system in a wine cellar is used to maintain the right temperature and humidity to store the wine in good condition. It also purifies and renews the air in the cellar to avoid bad odours and impurities that could affect the quality of the wine.

The activated carbon filter plays a key role in the filtering system, removing odours and impurities from the cellar air. Ventilation is also important to maintain a healthy environment, as it helps to renew the air in the cellar and prevent the formation of moulds and bacteria.

In summary, the filtering and aeration system ensures the quality of the air in the wine cellar, which helps to keep the stored wines in good condition for as long as possible.

What are the objectives of a carbon filter in a wine cellar? 

  • Eliminate odours: The activated carbon filter is effective in absorbing unpleasant odours and airborne particles, thus keeping the air inside the wine cellar fresh and clean.
  • Protect wine quality: By maintaining a clean and healthy environment for storing wine, the carbon filter helps protect the quality of stored wines by preventing oxidation, aging and other factors that could damage the wines.
  • Preserve wines: By maintaining a suitable environment for storing wines, the carbon filter allows the wines to be preserved in the best possible conditions, thus extending the life of the wines.
  • Purify the air: The charcoal filter purifies the air in the cellar by eliminating impurities and suspended particles that could affect the quality of the air and wine.

Please note that in order to guarantee the efficiency of the carbon filter, it must be changed every year.

References compatible with the FCA08 filter:

The ECELLAR range is compatible with the references ECELLAR185 and ECELLAR150.

32 mm
81 mm

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