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Dual Zone Wine Cellar MT150DZ 152 bottles

The MT150DZ is a large wine cellar for ageing and temperature control. Elegant with its glass door and white interior LEDs, it can be integrated in a column or installed free standing. Storage for up to 152 bottles in the double compartment. Supplied with 7 sliding beech shelves and stainless steel front and 2 active carbon filters.

Capacité bouteilles
Capacité bouteilles :
Type installation
Type installation :
Pose libre et encastrable
Multi-températures :
Double zone
Nb clayette(s) coulissante(s)
Nb clayette(s) coulissante(s) :
Application de gestion de cave à vin
Application de gestion de cave à vin :
Option Garantie

Prestige Multi-Zone Wine Cellar MT150DZ

The MT150DZ wine cellar is a wine temperature and ageing cellar that can store up to 152 bottles*. Equipped with 2 compartments, each with its own control system, you can program the 2 storage zones at different temperatures from each other.

Thus you can set the desired temperatures according to the following ranges:

  • Upper zone (80 bottles): from 5°C to 20°C ;
  • Lower zone (72 bottles): from 5°C to 20°C.

Is it possible to age one wine and bring another to temperature in the same cellar?

Yes, if you choose a multi-zone cellar like this one, with two carbon filters. You can then age wine in the upper part of the appliance and bring another to temperature in the lower part (white wine for example).

Yes, both at the same time! A real saving in the long run to be able to manage your wine collection in one and the same cellar.

The (other) strong points of the MT150DZ

Perfectly adapted to the professional environment, the MT150DZ wine cellar is aesthetically pleasing with its large glass door and stainless steel frame. The door is anti-UV treated with an ergonomic handle.

The bottles are easy to access thanks to the 7 sliding shelves and bring a real comfort of use to your teams, waiters and sommeliers.

Aesthetically, it lets a light white light appear which gives the bottles a touch of class.

All La Sommelière multi-zone cellars can be adapted to the constraints of your restaurant thanks to adjustable feet (0.7 cm high) and a front ventilation system. This being said, the MT150DZ was designed for column installation, but it can also be installed free-standing.

And that's not all, it benefits from many other qualities, such as (and not limited to)

  • A sober and elegant glass door for a very aesthetic visual effect;
  • LED lights (inside the sides) to highlight your bottles;
  • 7 sliding wooden shelves (beech) and wooden front 
  • 2 active carbon filters to neutralise odours and purify the air;
  • An excellent cold distribution (stirred cold);
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Hygrometry regulated between 50 and 80%.

Store wine in complete safety

The Professional range is very efficient and the wine cellars for professional use are an integral part of it. The MT150DZ allows you to store a large number of wines with complete peace of mind, thanks in particular to a lock to limit access and keep your investment under lock and key.

What other multi-zone wine cellar?

This wine cellar allows the storage of up to 152 bottles. However, La Sommelière's range of multi-zone wine cellars includes other models such as

  • the MT166DP, also a temperature control and ageing cellar (at the same time) with a double door, for a maximum capacity of 172 bottles - can be fitted or not;
  • the MT145TZ, also a temperature control and ageing cellar (at the same time) with three independent zones, for a maximum capacity of 143 bottles - built-in or free standing;
  • the LSBU51X1, a double-zone temperature control cellar for up to 46 bottles - built-in installation.

* The announced capacity is measured according to the European standard EN62552 and is calculated with 75cl bottles of the traditional Bordeaux type. Any other type of bottle size as well as the addition of shelves will considerably reduce the storage capacity. The maximum capacity is calculated with a defined number of shelves which varies from model to model.

2 ans (Pièces, MO & déplacement)
Capacité bouteilles
Utilisation de la cave
Mise à température et vieillissement
Type installation
Pose libre et encastrable
Zone(s) de T°
2 zones
Plage de température (°C)
5 - 20°C
Double zone
Pièce conseillée pour installation
Pièce chauffée (ex: séjour, salle à manger, cuisine)
Type de porte
Porte vitrée
Traitement porte
Traitée anti-UV
Porte réversible
Classe énergétique
Matière des clayettes
Bois + fronton inox
Nb clayette(s) coulissante(s)
Nb filtre(s) charbon
Digital / LCD
Affichage digital de la température
Hygrométrie régulée
entre 50 et 80%
Système anti-vibration
Type de froid
Eclairage intérieur LED
Visuelle et sonore
Classe climatique
N-ST (16-38°C)
Conso d'énergie (kW/an)
Niveau sonore (décibels)
Pieds réglables
Dim. nettes (LxPxH cm)
59,5 x 67,5 x 176
Dim. brutes (LxPxH cm)
66 x 77,8 x 184,8
Poids net (kg)
Poids brut (kg)
Voltage (Volt)
Puissance (Watt)
Application de gestion de cave à vin

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