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Wine cellar CTVNE147 - 147 bottles

Wine cellar CTVNE147 for the storage of 147 bottles* of wine. All black, the cellar is aesthetically pleasing with its large reversible glazed door, triple glazed transparent tempered glass treated against UV.

Classe énergétique
Classe énergétique :
Système hiver
Système hiver :
Application de gestion de cave à vin
Application de gestion de cave à vin :
Option Garantie

Wine cellar CTVNE147

The CTVNE147 wine cellar allows the ageing of up to 147 bottles*. Very efficient, it has a precise and homogeneous temperature thanks to the stirred cooling system.

A case for your wines

Equipped with a reversible glass door with anti-UV treatment, the CTVNE147 ageing cellar effectively protects your wines from light and UV rays. Its LED interior lighting enhances your bottles when the door is closed or open and highlights your best vintages.

To the nearest degree

Keep your wines for years to come and enjoy them at their best. The CTVNE147 aging wine cellar reproduces the conservation conditions of a natural cellar:

  • Temperature controlled by an electronic thermometer for an accurate adjustment to the degree;
  • Hygrometry controlled between 50 and 80%;
  • Protection against light and anti-vibration system guarantee the good ageing of your bottles.
  • Filtration and aeration system (active carbon filter)

Optimised storage

Store your wines on its steel wire shelves with natural wood front; ergonomic, they are specially designed to hold your 75 cl Bordeaux type bottles; removable, they can be adapted to your needs. The edge of the wooden front allows you to place labels to identify your wines at a glance.

A glass door

The CTVNE147 wine cellar is equipped with a glass door (and treated against UV rays), so it is more suitable for displaying the wine collection than for storage in a back room. That said, its technical performance gives you a choice: a real bonus.

  • The CTVNE147 is also :
  • LED lighting with permanent lighting option to highlight your bottles;
  • An excellent cold distribution (stirred cold);
  • An anti-vibration system;

Other wine cellars and capacities of the Tradition range

The CTVNE147 wine cellar is also available with a 147-bottle full door, reference: CTPNE147, designed to age your best bottles in total darkness, out of sight.

*The announced capacity is measured according to the European standard EN62552. This standard is calculated with 75cl bottles of the traditional Bordeaux type. Any other type of bottle size and the addition of shelves will considerably reduce the storage capacity. The maximum capacity is calculated with a defined number of shelves which varies from model to model. 

2 ans (Pièces, MO & déplacement)
Capacité bouteilles
Utilisation de la cave
Type installation
Pose libre
Plage de température (°C)
5 - 20°C
Pièce conseillée pour installation
Pièce chauffée (ex: séjour, salle à manger, cuisine)
Type de porte
Porte vitrée
Traitement porte
Traitée anti-UV
Porte réversible
Classe énergétique
Nb clayette(s) semi-coulissante(s)
Nb filtre(s) charbon
Système anti-vibration
Type de froid
Système hiver
Eclairage intérieur LED
Classe climatique
N-ST (16-38°C)
Conso d'énergie (kW/an)
Niveau sonore (décibels)
2 à l’arrière
Pieds réglables
Dim. nettes (LxPxH cm)
54,5 x 60 x 167,4
Dim. brutes (LxPxH cm)
57,5 x 64,5 x 174
Poids net (kg)
Poids brut (kg)
Application de gestion de cave à vin

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