Service temperature wine cellar SLS117BLACK 121 bottles

New for 2022

Wine serving cabinet SLS117BLACK for the temperature control of 121 bottles* of wine. Its working range is between 5-20C and it is delivered with 5 steel wire shelves and wooden fronts.

Capacité bouteilles
Capacité bouteilles :
Porte réversible
Porte réversible :
Classe énergétique
Classe énergétique :
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Each wine cellar has specific features and performance in response to a particular need and use. The SLS117BLACK wine cellar allows you to bring your wine to the ideal temperature for drinking. Whether you are a wine lover or a novice, it is important to find the best place to store your wines even for a short time. The conditions in which your bottle is stored impact on the quality of its tasting, which is why it is so important to have a wine cellar to ensure that you enjoy your wine at the right temperature. Whatever the wine; white, red or rosé, each bottle has its own storage temperature, discover the solution to enjoy your wines as they should be! 

Design and performance

Modern, the SLS117BLACK protects your wines with its tempered glass door, treated anti-UV and sublimates your bottles thanks to an interior LED lighting. Its All Black look and its fully glazed door make it a real decorative object. Equipped with a discreet integrated handle.

To the degree

Bring your wines to the right temperature to fully enjoy all their aromas.

Its digital control panel allows intuitive use.

Optimised storage

Store your wines on its steel wire shelves with a natural wood front; they are removable and adaptable to your needs.

Easy installation

Its compact size guarantees a large storage capacity of up to 121 bottles of Bordeaux 75 cl.

It can be easily integrated into your home thanks to its reversible door and its ergonomic handle. 

What other large capacity wine serving cellar?

La Sommelière's range of service wine cellars includes other single zone models. Discover them in a few clicks!

*Maximum capacity for light Bordeaux bottles measured with 5 shelves

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2 ans (Pièces, MO & déplacement)
Capacité bouteilles
Utilisation de la cave
Mise à température
Type installation
Pose libre
Zone(s) de T°
1 zone
Plage de température (°C)
5 - 20°C
Pièce conseillée pour installation
Pièce chauffée (ex: séjour, salle à manger, cuisine)
Type de porte
Porte vitrée
Traitement porte
Traitée anti-UV
Porte réversible
Classe énergétique
Matière des clayettes
Fils métalliques + fronton bois
Nb clayette(s) amovibles(s)
Affichage digital de la température
Système anti-vibration
Classe climatique
N-ST (16-38°C)
Conso d'énergie (kW/an)
Niveau sonore (décibels)
Dim. nettes (LxPxH cm)
Dim. brutes (LxPxH cm)
Poids net (kg)
Poids brut (kg)
Application de gestion de cave à vin

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