CTVNE142A wine cellar
149 bottles

CTVNE142A ageing wine cellar for laying down 149 bottles of wine. This all-in-black cellar is stylish with its large anti-UV glass door. Rated energy class A, the cellar consumes little electricity.

Warranty :
2 years (parts, labour and on-site support)
Bottle capacity
Bottle capacity :
Energy class
Energy class :
Winter system
Winter system :
Child lock
Child lock :
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm) :
W.59,5 x D.71 x H.128
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Tradition Range CTVNE142A Ageing wine cellar

The CTVNE142A wine cellar has capacity for ageing up to 149 bottles*. This high-performance cellar features a mixed cooling system to guarantee a precise and uniform temperature. This eco-friendly, energy class A-rated cellar consumes little electricity.

What are the key features of the CTVNE142A?

Winter system means that the electric cellar can be installed in an unheated room with no loss of performance. This offers the option of installing the cellar in a garage, storeroom or utility room for example. If you wish to opt for this model, just make sure that the ambient temperature does not fall below 5°C.

However, since the CTVNE142A is equipped with a glass door (treated to protect against UV light), you may be more inclined to place it on full display to showcase your wine collection rather than stowing it away at the back of the house. Ultimately its technical features mean you have the choice to install it in either type of environment, a real bonus. The CTVNE142A also features:

  • LED lighting with a permanent lighting option to showcase your bottles;
  • 3 solid-wood multi-format shelves designed to store different wine bottle formats on the same shelf;
  • 1 active charcoal filter to neutralise odours and purify the air;
  • Excellent cold air distribution (mixed cooling);
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Humidity regulated between 50% and 80%;
  • Winter system: to ensure your cellar functions perfectly in an unheated room (minimum room temperature: 5°C);
  • Charcoal filter level indicator;
  • Energy class A.

La Sommelière's TRADITION range includes a wide selection of single-temperature wine cellars with advanced features and guarantees security for your bottles, ease of use and greater energy efficiency.

Your wines feel good at home, guaranteed

The control panel on our single-temperature cellars includes all the key features to guarantee the efficient performance of our wine cellars. Besides the user-friendly control panel designed to easily read and operate the appliance, the wine cellar includes a number of key security features for ageing grape varieties and vintages, namely:

  • Humidity control using the lava stone kit provided;
  • Visual and audible temperature and humidity alarm;
  • Visual active charcoal filter alarm: a digital display indicates the number of days remaining before the filter needs replacing;
  • Child lock: locks the control panel;
  • Lock.

Other cellars and capacities in the Tradition range

The CTVNE142A wine cellar is available in other formats offering a greater storage capacity:

  • the CTVNE186A for up to 194 bottles of wine;
  • the CTVNE230A for ageing up to 236 bottles.

The range also includes wine cellars with solid doors under the CTPNE references, specially designed for discreetly ageing your finest bottles in total darkness.

Which wine cellar accessories are compatible with the CTVNE142A?

The wine cellar accessories compatible with the CTVNE142A ageing cellar are:

  • Active charcoal filter: ref. FCA04;
  • Wooden shelf: ref. CLATRAD08;
  • Sliding shelf: ref: CLATRAD10;
  • Display shelf: ref. CLAPRE04.

*Maximum capacity for light Bordeaux bottles laid head to tail calculated with 3 shelves.

2 years (parts, labour and on-site support)
Bottle capacity
Cellar use
Installation type
Free standing
Number of compartments
1 zone
Temperature range (°C)
5 - 20°C
Type of door
Glass door
Door treatment
Anti-UV treatment
Reversible door
Energy class
Matière des clayettes :
Solid wood
Nb of fixed shelves
Nb of charcoal filters
Digital temperature display
Regulated humidity
btw 50 n 80%
Anti-vibration system
Winter system
Big Chill system
Interior LED lighting
Compressor security
Child lock
visual and audible
Climate class
SN-ST (10-38°C)
Energy consumption (kW/an)
Noise level (decibels – dB)
Product category
2 (wine cellar)
2 at rear
Adjustable feet
2 at front
Net dimensions (WxDxH cm)
W.59,5 x D.71 x H.128
Gross dimensions (WxDxH cm)
W.64 x D.76,5 x H.131.
Net weight (kg):
Gross weight (kg):
Shelf type
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CTVNE142A wine cellar, 149 bottles

CTVNE142A ageing wine cellar for laying down 149 bottles of wine. This all-in-black cellar is stylish with its large anti-UV glass door. Rated energy class A, the cellar consumes little electricity.

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