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Lava stone

Lava stones absorb excess moisture, thereby regulating the humidity level inside your wine cellar. The stones are to be placed at the bottom of the wine cellar.

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Due to its natural porosity, lava stones can be used to regulate the humidity, i.e. the moisture level, inside your wine cellar.

How do you use lava stones?

Moisten the lava stones thoroughly before using them for the first time. Once moistened, place them inside your cellar:

  • either by spreading them out at the bottom of the cellar on the compressor step, along the drainage channel;
  • or by placing them in the optional box specially designed for this purpose. The box is then also positioned at the bottom of the cellar on the compressor step.

Be careful not to block the drainage chute, however.

Lava stone service life

It is recommended to replace the lava stones in your wine cellar every three years or so. That said, it may be necessary to replace them at a more regular frequency; this mostly depends on the use of the cellar (number of times the door is opened, etc.). Always remember that, if the stones start crumbling, they need to be replaced as they will no longer be able to absorb any excess moisture.


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